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Not sure if I’m growing to like my major, 

or just slowly confirming my interests.

Either way everything’s good.

:    )

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This video makes me so uncomfortable….

But pizza and Newark and my school are in it so that’s o K aY

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wanna feel old? the entire cast of icarly is deceased.

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when a stupid slut asks if there’s going to be a swimming pool

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Oh my fucking god I was in line earlier and the cashier was having troubles with her computer so the wait was pretty long. 

A woman behind me asked in that typical annoying entitled-customer voice, “What’s taking so loOoonngGggg?” 

Okay fine be an impatient dick whatever as long as you’re keeping it to (mostly) yourself.

But the guy next to me says “What is she doing, a three dimensional calculus problem?” *chuckles* 

LOL wow that was really clever ur so smart haha ! !

Uhhhhh I’ve taken calc 3 and worked retail

And I would say the latter is easily more mentally draining because I had to deal with shitstains like that on the daily

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Andrea Cremer/David Levithan, Invisibility

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Here’s a bigger copy of that NASA piece, which was done by Roy Scarfo.