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this basic bitch telling me how to use powerpoint

ur writing in comic sans and ur slides are littered with clipart and shitty animations

u dont even know how to use powerpoint 2010 get away from me

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this is it

this is my favourite post on the whole of tumblr

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i don’t think i have a good enough command of the english language to explain that the return to domesticity post world war 2 temporarily negated the advancement of women achieved from employment during the war without making it sound like i actually think this was cool and should have happened

how do i keep a clear objective voice in a paper help

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y does it sound like u r rubbing urself against the wall?

i am concerned ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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stop whistling I will murder you

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Dear Student,

We are writing to you because you responded to our Music Survey.  A group of faculty, students and staff at NJIT have begun an initiative to bring music to NJIT.   To this end we are inviting you to an organizational meeting on Wed. April 16 at 2:30 in the Jim Wise Theater in Kupfrian Hall.   To start off we are organizing three groups:  a concert band, a string ensemble, and a Big Band for jazz.  We plan to hire musicians who can serve as musical directors and conductors for these groups.   We expect these groups to begin playing together at the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester, and so we are asking you to come to this meeting to express your interest in being part of one of these groups.   You will be asked to make a commitment to attend rehearsal once a week for the semester with a performance at the end.  Depending on the level of response we will try to accommodate as many students as we can.  We also plan to organize a network in which we can help students to meet each other for the purpose of forming small groups with the possibility of coaching.  We also visualize spinoffs from these musical groups to form a pep band for athletic events, a pit orchestra for musical productions of the NJIT theater, and eventually an NJIT chorus.”

u do not know how happy this email made me