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Tonight was excellent. Joyce Manor! (at The Bowery Ballroom)

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*likes the “This Old House” page*

"Other Pages you may like: The Weather Channel"

uhm, oh…

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I am the end or the beginning.
Franz Kafka (via larmoyante)
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i just wanna land a sweet internship with a design/engineering firm in manhattan for the summer


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Weediquette: Stoned Moms

If you get the moms smoking then you can get almost anybody. That’s the plan of the legal cannabis industry, and they’re searching for ways to get moms around the country to set down their wine and light up.

We travel to Denver with Jessica Roake, a mother of two from the suburbs of Washington, DC, for a mom-friendly cannabis tour. She gets blazed beyond belief in the name of market research.


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if u dont go to university you are simply unmotivated and deserve minimum wage. you should of thought about this earlier. when you were 15. why were you such an irresponsible 15 year old. i go  to university every day and feel clean and wholesome discussing other people’s poverty while i sit at a crisp white ikea desk in the student lounge. sometimes i turn the pages in my notebook because the sound it makes calms me